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Creative generalist Marko Paajanen's
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ABOUT chosen idea
Chosen Idea, the YouTube Channel

Weekly content is provided here for those looking to supplement their knowledge in the areas of digital filmmaking and photography. My casual and lighthearted approach to delivering this content is in keeping with my strong view that "if you're going to do something you enjoy, don't turn it into something you don't". Along with some basic education, I also share my experiences with various related products. The channel regularly takes me to different corners of Toronto, and on occasion to different corners of the world.

What I do
It has come with self-marketing hurdles, but I continue to work in what is traditionally considered to be three to four separate careers. I'm at peace being a creative generalist.

Utilizing all these skills over the last three decades, has been both a necessity and a love. Since my first photos and videos, I continue to craft images and stories with the same care and attention to detail. I’ve accumulated both the skills and equipment to confidently take on anything, from short form social media content to longer form documentary projects. 

Working as an advertising agency art director and designing countless works for both national and international brands, this is an area in which I excelled for many years. My core passion of creating content itself, has had me busier. I now bring the vision of other art directors to life. Projects have covered the gamut, from traditional print media graphics to complex motion graphics for online, and television delivery.

My involvement in 3D started in the early 90s, as another element to add to my graphic design work. By 1995 I was the lead 3D artist, and art director of a game company. Fast forward to the present and my 3D work can be found in both advertising, and soon to be released video games.


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