I'm an artist/designer in downtown Toronto.

I've been helping a diverse range of clients realize their

business and creative goals through my craft, since 1992.



If you're looking for a tireless force to help you in virtually any creative aspect of your business, or if you're a creative person yourself looking for assets, tips, or inspiration, you're in luck!


Having been both a college instructor and program consultant. My contributions to the creative community will continue with a very informal YouTube channel focused on art and design, as well as providing assets other artists can use in their own work.


Chosen Idea assets for artists.

If you're an artist in need of assets for use completely royalty free, in either your personal or commercial projects, please take a look!



HDRI PACKS for artists


PACKS for artists


PACKS for artists

What I do.

To distill what I do into a single sentence that is both accurate and easily digested, is perhaps more difficult than the work itself. I've worked in a number of visual arts professionally. Technology, and advertising have been where I've spent most of my career. Work in the automotive and consumer electronics sectors has been prevalent throughout.


If it's designing your new logo, or how your company's new line of headphones will look, I can help. I've designed brand identities for many organizations, both large and small. in the realm of industrial design, everything from coffee tables to electric sports cars have been designed by Chosen Idea over the last 20+ years.


3D Illustration

involvement in the game industry early in my career, got me started in the world of 3D model creation, animation, surfacing, and rendering. If it's a stylized illustration of a new high rise building, or a photo-realistic visualization of your next product, I have the experience to deliver at the highest standard.


Motion graphics & animation

Graphic design is where it started for me, and since animating those graphics came to the desktop, I've been doing it professionally. Television, feature or YouTube show titles, a bumper for those flat panel screens at your trade show booth,... talk to me!



My dad's video camera spent hours making stop-motion films with my sister. Before VHS, we watched him in fascination under his work light editing 8mm home movies one splice at a time. A background in action-sports later lead to a powerful desire to capture, edit, and put to music what saw. Fast-forward to Ultra High Def, and the passion to create something compelling is as strong as ever.


artist resources

In part an effort to start giving back to a creative community that has given so much to me, I've started creating free artist's resources for download here. Downloads are also available for a fee on Sellfy, to finance a YouTube channel to educate and inspire new artists!

426 Queen Street East, Suite a01

toronto, Ontario m5a 1t4

p. 647 977 5090

e. marko@chosenidea.com





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